Advancing web applications (PWAs)

PWAs are online applications that use progressive enhancement along with service workers, manifests, and other web-platform characteristics to provide users with an experience comparable to that of native apps.

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We create PWAs to boost user interaction and sales. In order to draw customers to the company and increase sales, our team of developers has produced a wide variety of PWAs. Since introducing this cutting-edge technology, our talented team of PWA developers at Rexzet Solutions has been working diligently to produce quick-loading PWA solutions.


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Industry Knowledge

We have a lot of expertise building apps in the following areas:

Services for Advanced PWA Development

We offer premium progressive web app development services that are very effective, responsive, and geared toward meeting certain customer requirements.

Individual progressive web apps

Our custom progressive web app development services can generate a customised application that satisfies all of your business needs.

Designing responsive web apps

Our responsive apps produce quicker applications with smooth cross-browser interaction for a variety of devices.

Architecture of the Application Shell

We create PWAs that are compliant with application shell architecture, offer a top-notch user experience, and guard against data loss.

Aligned timezone

The rexzet PWA developers you hire will be a part of your time.

Testing for Quality Assurance

We examine your progressive web app to identify and fix any issues, ensuring flawless performance and a more enjoyable user experience.

Safe Data Transfer

We help your business transition from expensive, upkeep-intensive native programmes to less priced, instant-loading PWAs.

Creation of responsive applications

We provide specialised web app solutions that are especially effective for your company thanks to the more than ten years of industry experience of our progressive web app developers.

High Performance

Any browser or device can be used to view and download our programmes, which are very responsive and functional. Your clients’ data is completely safe and secure with the designs.

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PWA is a great substitute for new businesses and apps because it enables you to quickly reach users and develop your idea. On the other side, massive e-commerce companies like Alibaba and Flipkart have demonstrated that PWAs are incredibly effective. Our final recommendation will be based on a careful analysis of your unique circumstances.

Web apps that are advanced are a type of technology. Everything is based on the complexity and type of application needed. While certain projects, like those utilising machine learning and artificial intelligence, can be finished in three months, others take much longer.

There is no fixed cost for PWA development. It is less expensive than hybrid or native programmes, nevertheless. The cost of PWA development is totally determined by the features and complexity of the final product.

Click the browser menu while navigating to PWA, select the option to install [AppName], and then click the Install button when prompted. The home screen of the device will have the app installed.

Yes. Like your in-house developers, the developers will report to you and take part in scrum sessions.

Yes, please contact us by phone or email to discuss your app idea if that's more convenient for you.

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