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A computerised solution is absolutely necessary in today's hectic and fast-paced world to successfully manage a business and maintain control over the clientele. Point of Sale is a tailored solution that enables you to manage all aspect of your business from a single location. We provide a high quality of restaurant POS app development services so that you may manage your clients using our Point of Sale expertise and the resources we have.

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POS Software Development Company

Say goodbye to your old management techniques, which need you to spend the majority of your valuable time entering data and compiling inputs from several modules. An expert POS software development business, Rexzet Solutions, can assist you in combining data from several subdivisions into a single, effective POS system. POS systems are transforming every aspect of business, and by acting as a fulcrum, they propel companies’ growth rates. These systems have a huge positive impact on businesses of all sizes. In order to give our clients a stress-free experience, we offer specialised cloud-based POS application development services that are tailored to their specific needs.

POS Application Development Services

Rexzet Solution provide POS application development services, which primarily involve creating or adapting software that may be used with POS hardware to streamline sales transactions and handle inventory, customer information, and other elements of a retail firm.
Features that might be present in a POS application include, for instance:
Accepting a variety of payment methods, such as mobile payments, credit cards, and cash monitoring stock levels and placing new orders as needed producing sales, inventory, and customer data reports integrating with other enterprise systems, such as e-commerce platforms or accounting software
supplying tools for customer relationship management (CRM), such as the capacity to store customer data and purchase history


Inventory Managment

Inventory can be managed accurately and efficiently as it renders a complete report on stock status.

Accounting Managment

Accounts are also managed & integrated successfully with the accounting programs like Sage, SAP, and QuickBooks etc.

Stock Managment

All essential Information is supervised in relation to the store, such as purchases and stock transactions.

Aerodynamic Purchasing

Automated and streamlined purchasing processes permit effortless connection with the suppliers.

Sales Analytics

It automatically maintains a record of what products are being sold & also reflects total revenue earned on each product.

Server and Hosting

We provide you with hosting services on both dedicated and cloud servers. But for the best outcome, we recommend you for the cloud server.

Benefits of POS

POSITION OF SALE PERKS Fast and Accurate Billing the POS system eliminates the need for manual data entry on registers for goods sold and puts all sales-related information at the cashier’s fingertips to enable accurate and quick billing. Business Process Improvement You may track your company’s daily sales, revenue, and expenses to easily streamline your business operations because the program is integrated with many other business platforms. Fast Interface POS systems provide a quick user experience, which is a fundamental necessity for any businesses. Every business necessity is met by a quick interface, which also provides trustworthy services. Saving time When a product is running short in stock, the system notifies the supplier and puts an order. It also keeps track of how much a particular product has been sold.


The Advantage of Point of Sale Software for Small Business

You can get the best and most visionary POS clone script for Android and iOS, as we make sure to meet up all your expectations perfectly. Our developers will provide you with services for majorly all platforms.

Expand your business and experience the expertise of our skilled developers who come with the best outcome using the bestPOS app clone script.

Firstly, our team member and client discussed the whole requirement of the project.
After discussed, our team design or draw estimate project needs.
Discussion of the time duration and cost of the project.
After all discussion, our experienced and dedicated team starts working on the project and clients get their project process updated.
Assurance & predictability are the hallmarks of the services provided by the company. We fixed the timeline and fixed the cost of the project at the start. This is the best and simple method which clients feel comfortable dealing with as it gives them a budget and timeline which is fixed.
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We own expertise in web and mobile development bounded by the latest technologies. With our deep knowledge and understanding in latest technologies, we help our clients to provide customized web and app. Check out a few examples here.


Success in business is nice, but our results driven, dedicated and skilled developers are even nice. Our professional teams have complete knowledge of diverse mobile tools and technologies and they strictly trail the industry principles and standards while offering point of sale application development services.


No matter what the shape, type and size of the client is Rexzet Solutions is highly dedicated to offering the highest quality solutions that would result in increased ROI. Being a leading hotel or restaurant POS app development services provider, we exult in saying that we have offered nonstop IT solutions to industries belonging to diverse sectors like Healthcare, Travel & Tourism, Education, Entertainment, Real Estate and many others.


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 The development time for a POS app can vary depending on the complexity of the features and design. On average, it can take anywhere from 4 to 6 months to develop a basic POS app.

 A POS app typically includes features such as inventory management, sales reporting, payment processing, customer management, and employee management.

 A POS app allows businesses to process sales, track inventory, manage customer information, and generate reports from a mobile device. It can be integrated with a variety of payment processors and can work offline.

 Yes, the design of a POS app can be customized to match your brand and preferences.

 Yes, your POS app can be integrated with other platforms such as accounting software, inventory management systems, and customer relationship management software.

 Yes, you can make money from your POS app by charging a monthly or annual subscription fee, or by offering additional features such as inventory management or customer relationship management tools.

 You can ensure the security of customer's personal and financial information by implementing features such as encryption, secure payment gateway, and compliance with industry standards

 Yes, you can include the option for loyalty program in your POS app to reward your customers for repeat purchases. This can be done by integrating with a loyalty program provider or by building it in-house.

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