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Viggo Smart TV

Hospitality TV Launcher
This app delivers the first true cloud-based and cost-effective smart hotel TV solution for the hospitality industry.




● Cloud/Web-based Content Management System (CMS)
● PMS integration (Hello Guest)
● IPTV/OTT Compatible (client built-in)
● Guest can cast their content (thru AndroidTV Chromecast built-in) and use apps like Netflix and more.
● Guest engagement with hotel services (messaging, e-commerce, a hotel news feed, and more)
● Hotel Branding and Sales
● Quick Installation
● Scaleable and suitable for 1 short term apartment as for hundreds of rooms in hotels and hospitals
● Cost-effective (no additional hardware needed)
Responsibilities: Development of the app from scratch.
Providing further maintenance. 


Wilmaa TV

TV Streaming for Multiple Devices

Wilmaa is a TV streaming application with more than 260 TV channels throughout Switzerland for free. With Wilmaa you can record programs to watch them later, download now and watch TV.

Product features:


● Free live TV with more than 260 TV channels
● Better picture quality with more than 140 channels in HD
● 7 days Replay TV
● 500 hours recording memory, recordings available forever
● Series recording
● Unlimited downloads to watch recordings offline

Responsibilities: development of the
application from the design provided.
Extending features due to clients
requirements, publishing to the
store and further product




Weather Streaming for Multiple Devices
The elegance of WeatherNation lies within its simplicity, embedded within a suite of functionality that works perfectly in a lean-back environment. With engaging video and localized info, this app is like a TV within a TV.
Local weather forecasts tailored for you. This free and easy to use award-winning app streams live weather newscasts from certified meteorologists, provides your local weather data, local weather alerts from NWS (National Weather Service) and more. Make decisions about your day or next vacation! Get weather data anytime.

Product features:

• Available on DISH channel 215, Roku, AppleTV, PS4, Smart TVs, mobile devices, tablets, local digital channels and more.

• Track current conditions, forecasts and NWS alerts (U.S. only) for your location or save your favorite places to easily access.

• Access weather maps (U.S. Only) with multiple layers like Radar, Visible Radar, Current Winds, Current Dew Points, Advisories and more.

• Watch what’s on air right now, we stream our 24-hour in depth and nationwide weather service right to the palm of your hand.

• Access video on demand segments from Weather on Demand, Weather Remix, Digital Drop and Space & Science.

• On the go? We feature video forecasts on demand with regional, national, breaking weather news, travel and specialty shows instantly.

• Really on the go? Get instant access to your current conditions, temperature and extended outlooks.

• Easy swiping between your favorite locations for detailed up to the moment weather information anywhere.

• Our fully customizable interactive radar and weather maps let you decide what you want to see. Combine data and images from current radar, satellite, severe advisories, snow depth, temperatures, wind speeds, wind chill, dew point, humidity and heat index so you can finally have the perfect weather.

• With one click, you can easily send us your weather pics and videos so we can share them live on air and across social media. Don’t just watch the weather, be part of it.

• Sync your calendar automatically and effortlessly to check out weather information associated with events on Phone’s calendar.

Responsibilities: development of the
application from the design provided.
Extending features due to clients
requirements, publishing to the
store and further product





Instat TV

Sport Video Streaming,Stats & Analytics

This OTT platforms brings together the best coverage of football, basketball, ice hockey and more from around the world. Top-quality broadcasts with in-depth stats can be viewed on any device.

Product features:

● One-camera or smartphone broadcasting for free
● Upgrade to TV-level (2-8 cameras))
● Highlights production for free (the league can publish it on social media)
● Full games are in InStat platform – access by subscription
● Stable livestream anywhere in the world
● Pause and rewind

Watch modes:
● Full game
● Ball in play
● Highlights
● Field goals

Responsibilities: Development of the app from scratch.
Providing further maintenance.



NFT Art Gallery

The application is intended for creating, encryption, storing and displaying NFT digital content.
It is convenient to use as a home art gallery and display on TV of favorite digital art objects.

Product features:

When minting an NFT, think of the image you sell as the public preview. It will be attached to a deed that unlocks a truly one-of-a-kind file, but the preview is what the whole world can see online.

The associated Darkblock contains a separate hi-res file that is cryptographically linked to your NFT.

The NFT can be published onto any marketplace. Then you can use a Darkblock-enabled app to display the original content securely on any screen, or sell the NFT to another user so they can display it instead.

Currently, the application supports displaying and playing photos, audio and video in the following formats: webm, mp4, mov, svg , gif, bmp, png, jpg, jpeg, mp3.

Darkblock-Enabled Display
With Darkblock and partner apps, owners can decrypt & display their exclusive digital content onto any compatible screen.

Display art in your living room. Collectibles on your phone. High-res original video content on your tv.

Responsibilities: Development of the app from scratch.


Natife – is a Mobile app development company from Zaporizhia, Ukraine. Our company has gathered a team of professionals with solid experience in Mobile App Development and Design.

We provide full-cycle of development for both Android and iOS platforms.

• iOS App Development;
• Android App Development;
• Free consultations;
• UI/UX Design;
• Projects long-term support.

Why native?
Because we RESPECT our clients and their time. We BELIEVE that native apps are more challenging than hybrid and they serve better in the future.

We used to work under strict deadlines but we always keep in mind that QUALITY does matter. We provide qualified work from the very beginning, up to the end of our cooperation.