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Rexzet Solutions is the heart-shaped game design and development team at inspired by a distinctive approach to making games that have colourful graphics, appealing animations, and interesting gameplay elements that keep players interested all the way through. Using a well-balanced blend of technology and experience, we offer highly personalised heart game creation services catered to individual clients’ requirements. Our game creation solutions are tested before being on the market to make sure that our games are widely embraced and uphold the highest standards of quality.

Features Hearts Games Development.

The objective
The objective of the game is to avoid taking tricks that contain hearts, as well as the queen of spades. Each heart is worth one point, and the queen of spades is worth 13 points. The goal is to have the lowest score at the end of the game.
Four players
Hearts is typically played by four players, with each player being dealt 13 cards from a shuffled deck.
Passing cards
At the beginning of each round, players have the option to pass three cards to another player. This is typically done in an effort to get rid of high-point cards or to set up a player to take a trick.
The lead
The player to the left of the dealer starts the trick by playing a card, and then each player must follow suit if possible. If a player does not have a card in the suit led, they may play any card. The trick is won by the highest card of the suit led, unless a heart or the queen of spades is played, in which case it is won by the highest heart or queen of spades.
The end of the game
The game is played until one player reaches or exceeds 100 points. At that point, the player with the lowest score wins the game. If there is a tie for the lowest score, the tied players play another round to determine the winner.
Breaking hearts
Players are not allowed to lead with a heart until a heart has been "broken," meaning that a heart has been played on a trick. This rule is in place to prevent players from leading with hearts too early in the game.

Advantages We Work on to
Develop Hearts Games

It helps to improve strategic thinking
Hearts is a game that requires players to make strategic decisions, such as which cards to play and when to pass cards to other players. This can help improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
It's easy to learn
Hearts is a relatively simple game to learn, making it accessible to players of all skill levels. It's also easy to find online tutorials and resources that can help players improve their skills.
It's a social activity
Hearts is a game that is typically played with other people, which makes it a great social activity. It can be a fun way to connect with others and build relationships.
It's portable
Since Hearts is played with a standard deck of cards, it's easy to take with you wherever you go. This makes it a convenient game to play when you're traveling or when you don't have access to other forms of entertainment.
Who will be Working on Your Hearts Game Development Project?
Associate Producer
Game Designers
QA Engineers

Who will be technologies on
Your Hearts Game Development Project?

Game engines

Digital versions of Hearts typically use a game engine to handle the logic of the game and to keep track of the state of the game as it is played. Game engines are software frameworks that are designed to help developers create interactive games and other applications.

Artificial intelligence

Some digital versions of Hearts use artificial intelligence (AI) to help players make decisions during the game. This can include suggesting which cards to play or providing strategic advice.

Online multiplayer capabilities

Many digital versions of Hearts allow players to compete against each other online, either through a website or a dedicated mobile app. This technology enables players to connect to a central server and play against each other in real-time.

User interface design

Digital versions of Hearts often have a user interface (UI) that allows players to interact with the game and make decisions. This can include buttons or icons to play cards, pass cards, or see their scores.

Mobile support

Many digital versions of Hearts are designed to be played on mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets. This requires technology to support touch screens and smaller screen sizes.


Digital versions of Hearts often include security measures to protect against cheating and ensure that the game is played fairly. This can include measures to prevent players from accessing or altering the game code or from using unauthorized software to gain an advantage.

What Makes Us Different

We do what we love and what motivates us. Therefore, each of our projects raises the brand name and enables players everywhere to enthusiastically discuss its key features. Join us and you will feel the difference!

Our game development company creates carefully crafted games that fit your specific needs and budget expectations. Experts with experience in game development in each area provide a customized approach to your project to match the goals and scale.

We are a custom game development company that adjusts the scale of the project and is ready to attract an even greater number of highly skilled professionals if necessary in order to successfully implement the project on time. On average, we need 2 weeks to hire a new professional.

Be calm and do not worry about data protection, system, and infrastructure: we adhere to the strict security policy rules found in game development and development and constantly update security systems in line with the latest developments.

Be calm and do not worry about data protection, system, and infrastructure: we adhere to the strict security policy rules found in game development and development and constantly update security systems in line with the latest developments.