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How does game creation work?

The process of generating video games is called game development. In addition to knowing how to programme, game creators also need to have a creative vision and a thorough understanding of the gameplay mechanics.


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If you want to hire, manage, and scale employees more strategically, Enterprise Suite has you covered.


We can provide swiftly because of our extensive product library, allowing you to launch quickly and take full advantage of the market. We also provide maintenance services at fair prices.


For Android, iOS, feature phones, set-top boxes, smart TVs, and consoles, Nilee Games offers a wide range of game development services. We have all of our skills under one roof, from concept to finished product.


Due to its multiplatform capabilities, HTML5 technology offers the best gaming experience on mobile and desktop browsers and is unique in that it functions on practically all platforms and browsers. It is an extremely economical technology.



It’s quality of Engrossing and Captivating Augmented Reality Games and Applications for a diverse range of Industries like Gaming, Architecture and Real-Estate, Health-Care, Retail Industry, Industrial Training, Automobile, Oil and gas and Entertainment etc.


Virtual reality is quickly becoming one of the most important tools for learning, teaching, and marketing. It gives users an immersive 360-degree virtual world experience and is utilised in practically every industry to boost sales and productivity.


The privacy of our customers is important to Future Technologies, and we work with them to create the best products using long-lasting technology while providing lifetime support. Today, some mobile applications have achieved enormous success and have grown to be standalone billion-dollar businesses.

E-learning and game-based learning

The previous ten years have seen a significant evolution in eLearning and learning-based games, with new requirements coming from a variety of different areas. This Games has experience creating learning applications for numerous platforms based on customer requirements.

Gaming occasions

Without sacrificing excitement or user experience, future technologies are changing the entire indoor amusement market segment into a futuristic game zone. The customer can now enjoy more cutting-edge, exhilarating rides and activities. We provide cutting-edge gaming systems for sale and rent.


By fostering longer-term engagement and innovative ways to strengthen relationships with customers and employees, gamification is revolutionising business models. It involves incorporating game aspects throughout the process to engage customers and boost workforce efficiency.


We concentrate on offering game development services to produce works that stand out and are remembered for a very long time. Due to the extensive experience of our game developers, we are able to assist international gaming firms with their most well-known game titles.

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4 to 6 Years of Exp. Flutter Developer 160 hours

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Build a SCRUM Team of 5 Developers


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The cost of hiring a developer doesn't have a fixed answer. It can be anything from $50 per hour to over $120-160. It would depend entirely on the skill you are looking for and the geographical location of the developers.

There is an entire process which you can follow to hire skilled developers:

  • You can start with finding prospective development partners on websites like Clutch, GitHub, etc.
  • Then look at their past work portfolio.
  • Get in touch with their previous clients and know their experience.
  • See if the price quote matches your needs.
  • Take an interview and see if there is a work-culture match.

There are plenty of reasons. But if we had to summarize them, they would be the fact that our developers have a multi tech stack and multi industry subject matter expertise. Moreover, they work in multiple time zones, making it extremely easy for them to adopt to your business needs.

Yes. Once you hire a DianApps developer, they will be allocated to your project on a dedicated basis. This implies that they won't be working with any other client in that time range.

Yes. The developers will report to you and be a part of the scrum meetings, just like your in-house developers.

It varies. Some of our developers are fresh in the market, with only 1-2 years of experience. We also have developers with over 10+ years of experience.

The developer works for 40 hours a week and 160 hours a month. However, we are open to an extension when requirements are urgent.

We will arrange a dedicated and well-versed team of developers for your project within a couple of days after the task acquisition.