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Rexzet solutions Tabletop games called “board games” generally involve pieces. A pre-marked board (playing surface) is used to move or arrange these pieces, which frequently contain components from tabletop, card, role-playing, and miniatures games as well.

Board games come in a wide range of variations. Their portrayal of actual events might range from having no overarching theme, like checkers, to having a clear theme and narrative, like Cluedo. Rules might be extremely straightforward, like in Snakes and Ladders, or extremely complex, like in Advanced Squad Leader. In addition to the usual cards and dice, modern games may feature bespoke figures or shaped counters, as well as distinctively formed player pieces known as meeples.

StagesThere are several stages involved in the board game development process, including:.

Idea generation
once we start by coming up with ideas for your board game. This can be inspired by a variety of sources such as existing board games, movies, books, or even personal experiences.
Game design
Once we have a concept, we'll need to create the rules and mechanics of the game. This involves designing the game board, player pieces, cards, and any other components that will be used in the game.
A prototype is a physical or digital version of the game that we can playtest and make changes to. Prototyping allows to test the gameplay and make any necessary adjustments before the game goes into production.
Playtesting involves having groups of people play the game and provide feedback on the gameplay, balance, and overall enjoyment of the game. This is an important step in the development process as it allows we make any necessary changes before the game is finalized.
Art direction
Once the gameplay is finalized, we'll work an artist to create the visual elements of the game, including the game board, player pieces, and any other visual components.
The final step process is to we have the game manufactured, which involves sourcing materials.

Technologies We Work on to
Develop Board Games

Game design software
This can include programs like Tabletop Simulator, which allows you to design and playtest digital versions of board games.
3D modeling and printing
3D modeling and printing technology can be used to create prototypes of game components, such as player pieces and dice.
Digital prototyping tools
There are a number of online tools, such as Print and Play, that allow you to create digital prototypes of your board game.
Project management software
Project management tools, such as Trello and Asana, can be used to organize and track the development process, including tasks, deadlines, and team communication.
Who will be Working on Your Board Game Development Project?
Associate Producer
Game Designers
QA Engineers

Who will be working on
Your Game Development Project?


A visionary person, who helps to manage an ongoing project, makes decisions about the style of created content, and focuses the game development team on what’s more important. The producer’s concept of artistic integrity allows to maintain a balance between the publisher’s opinion and the professional guidance of the developer and to provide a consistent result.

Associate Producer

Coordinating and tracking team leader schedules, risk identification, troubleshooting, and ensuring smooth communication between clients and developers of our dev game studio. It ensures the best quality of game enhancement in line with industry-leading processes, customer requirements, and stated game-making principles.

Game Designers

The designers of our dev game studio hold the use of concepts and key features of the future game. They have excellent experience in game development, selecting appropriate game and simulation tools, storylines, and character history, and providing exciting gameplay in conjunction with the selected guide and platform.


In our video game development company, these state-of-the-art professionals skillfully translate design team ideas into a visually appealing and well-controlled environment. It is responsible for writing the basic game engine, and its functionality, fixing bugs and design problems and creating scripts and news boards.

QA Engineers

With careful attention and detail, the testers ensure the quality of the product by playing all possible game modes in sequence. QA engineers also evaluate different versions of the game, evaluate its performance, manage and cover test artifacts, correct typing errors and system errors, and report any error codes for timely correction.


2D artists, concept artists, and other game art professionals ensure visual style harmony. Remembering game limitations and listening to feedback from QA inspectors, and artists who shape the look of the game. They also build the artwork of packages, advertising materials, and websites to strengthen marketing positions.


 Our process begins with an idea and a concept, which we then develop into a prototype. This prototype is playtested and refined until we feel it is ready for production.

 The length of time it takes to design and develop a board game can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the game and the resources available to us. Typically, it can take anywhere from several months to over a year.

 The number of copies produced will depend on the demand for the game and the resources available for production.

 We specialize in designing and developing a wide variety of board games, including strategy games, party games, and educational games.

Yes, we have a team of graphic designers and illustrators who can help create the visual elements of your game.

 Yes, you will retain the rights to your game, and we will work with you to ensure that you are satisfied with the final product.

We can work with you to get your game into stores by assisting with distribution and marketing. Additionally, we have a good relationship with many major retailers that can help bring your game to market.

We can get started by contacting us for a consultation, where we can discuss your needs and provide a quote.

We take measures to ensure that the games we integrate on client websites provide a positive user experience, including testing and ongoing maintenance and support. Additionally, we stay up-to-date with industry best practices and user feedback to continuously improve the user experience.

What Makes Us Different

We do what we love and what motivates us. Therefore, each of our projects raises the brand name and enables players everywhere to enthusiastically discuss its key features. Join us and you will feel the difference!

Our game development company creates carefully crafted games that fit your specific needs and budget expectations. Experts with experience in game development in each area provide a customized approach to your project to match the goals and scale.

We are a custom game development company that adjusts the scale of the project and is ready to attract an even greater number of highly skilled professionals if necessary in order to successfully implement the project on time. On average, we need 2 weeks to hire a new professional.

Be calm and do not worry about data protection, system, and infrastructure: we adhere to the strict security policy rules found in game development and development and constantly update security systems in line with the latest developments.

Be calm and do not worry about data protection, system, and infrastructure: we adhere to the strict security policy rules found in game development and development and constantly update security systems in line with the latest developments.