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We are a top-tier provider of Flutter app development services and a well-known name in the industry. To relieve you of technical hassles, we offer result-driven Flutter development services.

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Hire our Flutter developers to develop mobile applications that are simple to use, scalable, clear, and visually appealing. With years of SOLID & Restful API development experience, our certified Flutter developers have a thorough understanding of Flutter SQLite. To build cutting-edge mobile and web apps built on Flutter, you may access more than 80 dedicated Flutter app developers who are knowledgeable with the layered architecture of Flutter.


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To grow up your firm, we employ best-in-class tools, cutting-edge technologies, and contemporary methods.

Why Hire Futter Developer From Rexzet Solutions?

Our Flutter developer has the best skills in the business when it comes to designing fast cross-platform mobile apps with rich technology, scalability, and performance for Android and iOS.

Development of Apps for Android and iOS

Utilize our top-notch Flutter mobile application development services to create flexible, fast-loading apps for Android and iOS that are highly functional.

Development of Cross-Platform, Unified Apps

With the help of our experience, we can create cross-platform applications using just one set of code. Your return on investment will increase.


Create solutions for specific industries

To assist you in creating a business solution tailored to your industry and creating outstanding bespoke applications with Agility, we are providing custom Flutter development services.


Adaptability & Security .

Our devoted Flutter development team uses a test-driven methodology to create applications that are free of bugs. To safeguard your app, we authenticate data security and encrypt transactions

Migration of apps to Flutter

Contact our senior Flutter consultant if you require assistance with an existing legacy mobile application or are searching for Flutter professionals to migrate your existing app to Flutter in order to completely modernise your app.

Preservation and Assistance

Maintaining your app’s bug-free state with
ongoing improvements can improve user engagement and keep you abreast of current market trends.


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To receive clarification on the appropriate tech stack, schedule a free 30-minute consultation call. You can conduct as many interviews as you’d like prior to onboarding the resources on your project to make sure your product is in capable hands.

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You can discover competent and dependable Flutter developers who charge an hourly fee of around $35 or occasionally $30. Freelancers are a low-cost choice for Flutter mobile app development, especially when the project is for a simple application.

You can discover competent and dependable Flutter developers who charge an hourly fee of around $35 or occasionally $30. Freelancers are a low-cost choice for Flutter mobile app development, especially when the project is for a simple application

Because it enables speedy delivery of cross-platform applications and has a "one codebase for all platforms," Flutter is preferred by developers. This feature is efficient and economical.

When you require professionals with specific talents to fill talent gaps in your organisation, for example, a specialised development team can be helpful. It's possible that a company's internal development team is underprepared for a particular project.

Yes. Like your in-house developers, the developers will report to you and take part in scrum sessions.

Flutter uses the Dart programming language, which is simple to learn. It's much easier to make mobile and desktop applications with Flutter because it is a modern framework. If you've worked with Java, Swift, or React Native, you'll notice that Flutter is quite different.

Typically, computer programmers spend an average of 40 hours per week on their jobs, which narrows to eight hours per day, between Monday and Friday. Programmers usually work between 9 am to 5 pm or work schedules comparable to typical office culture.

Lead time is the time between when a project commences and when your team completes it. The term is used in almost every industry, however, for project management, lead time carries additional significance.