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It's crucial to have a strong online presence, and a well-designed mobile app can help you reach and engage with your customers in a meaningful way. That's where an experienced Android developer comes in. With the right developer on your team, you can create a seamless and intuitive app that meets the needs of your customers and helps your business stand out in a crowded market. Our goal is to connect you with the best Android developers available, so you can bring your app ideas to life and grow your business.

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Why hire a developer for Android?

Because there are too many apps available, they are expensive, and other factors, just one mobile app out of every 10,000 survives. The success of your project and your business depends on the hiring of talented and experienced Android app developers.

Why Hire Android Developer From Rexzet Solutions?

Appropriate for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

The notions of BYOD and mobility have become widely accepted in numerous business sectors. Regardless of location or time, both of these strategies have improved workplace collaboration and communication.

With lower costs and a high ROI

The straightforward accessibility of the Android SDK is one of the main benefits of developing Android apps. The material design from these SDKs can be used by the development teams to create interactive apps.

Simple Personalization

Android is a flexible platform that offers simple customization choices. All you get is a unique, engaging enterprise app with a variety of features.


The benefit of developing Android apps for wearables

In the business world, wearable technology is becoming the new standard. As a powerful communication tool, wearable technology is gaining traction. Notifications from smartwatches are also becoming more popular and are controlled by Android smartphone apps.

More rapid deployment

The development cycle for business-oriented Android apps moves quickly and lasts only a few hours. It gives businesses who want to get their innovative idea to market more quickly a competitive edge.


Everything Google

One of the main benefits of using an Android app is this. Even while iOS has access to numerous Google services, there is still a lack of deep integration.


Decreased TTM (Time To Market)

To gain an advantage over your competitors, it is critical for you to develop a business app as soon as feasible. Tools for developing Android apps can speed up the process and make it simple to incorporate desired functionality.


Putting in Custom ROMs

With custom ROMs, it is simple to alter the app’s appearance and functionality. By installing custom ROMs, you can modify Android smartphones according to your business model and strategies.

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You have two options for finding remote Android developers: either use freelance websites or work with outstaffing businesses. You can hire a specific contractor for a few hours or hire the full Android development team on the open market.

In the US, an Android Developer typically makes $109,927 per year. In the US, an Android developer receives an average additional cash salary of $17,903.

While iOS developers are expected to make $112k/year, remote Android developers might make between $111k and $140k/year. According to Talent.com, the average yearly salary for a remote Android developer is $140.000.

Yes. Once you hire a DianApps developer, they will be allocated to your project on a dedicated basis. This implies that they won't be working with any other client in that time range.

Yes. Like your in house developers, the developers will report to you and take part in scrum sessions.

Both iPhone and Android users are well-represented across the adult age spectrum up to 65 and are well-off, educated, eager digital gadget buyers. Hard-core technologists are more prevalent among Android users; they have technical occupations and are more accustomed to the less refined but more open Android user experience.

Computer programmers often work an average of 40 hours per week, or eight hours per day, from Monday through Friday. Programmers typically work 9 to 5 or according to schedules consistent with standard office culture.

Effectiveness and productivity increase as a result of good time management. One of the most important components of efficient job management is time management. Setting aside time for each work is crucial for the project's timely completion. This entails segmenting the project into various tasks.