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AI & IoT

The internet of things is gradually modeling the series of each and every individual business nowadays. By a huge perimeter IoT is the most instinctive and beneficial innovation now which plays a wide role in changing and the world to be better in every aspects of technology and be shrewd. We built innovative computerized based IoT arrangements that tackles reality and business use and give flawless combination to business.

  •  Full IoT Applications Stack Expertise
  •  Product Lifecycle Management
  •  Connectivity with Wearable Devices
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Bring change to your business by taking a step into future and introducing your business with live interactional bots. These virtual assistants can speed up each assignment they take on, from customized help to lead generation, and that’s just the beginning.

Experts working in TechnoSoftware are taking great benefits from Artificial Intelligence. We uses AI to further develop client projects through big business chatbots and voicebots, which enables your business and its less time consuming.

  •  Save Time & Money
  •  24*7 Customer Support
  •  Unique Engagement
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We live in a modern era where everything is operated by machine and in this fast moving world a new technology has set a benchmark in the IT industry.
Blockchain is a huge innovation in the industry and still over the block to reshape the trade forms over a wide extend of business. The urge of Blockchain technology is increasing rapidly which gives the businesses total stability, durability and safety.
There are Multiple Chances to enfold Blockchain technology with Technosoft Blockchain Development Service:

  •  Decentralized System Design
  •  Cryptocurrency Wallet
  •  Smart Contract
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Providing computerized clients a consistent involvement over the internet and grasping all businesses, organizations, ventures, and processes. Technosoft is one of the Top notch software development company that modifies and creates software according to client’s need. We ensure that the software made by us has extraordinary quality, easy to maintain and simple to convey

  •  ERP Solutions
  •  CRM
  •  Cloud Solutions
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Mobile App

We Provide Versatile app reevaluating plan and improvement of custom portable applications from User interface advancement, testing to help combine and secure data.

We construct versatile and customized apps which helps up enhance your business. We use high end technology to design your product which provides an exquisite advancement. Technosoft aims to give you the most innovative app development services that fulfills your needs.

  •  Android App Development
  •  iOS App Development
  •  Hybrid App Development (React Native)
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  •  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  •  Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  •  Digital Advertising (PPC)
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