iBeacon App Development

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iBeacon App Development

We all understand that the future of mobile marketing is mostly dependent on the proximity marketing principles, that is a popular marketing strategy these days. For the development of iBeacon software, there are used class-apart apps by using location-based campaigns, data collection, and Beacons with free access.

iBeacon App Development Company- RS Softech

RS provides premium-quality Beacon/iBeacon app development that unchecks the true potential of BLE technology. We offer excellent business solutions through leveraging the efficient power of Beacon/iBeacon by employing the powerful Bluetooth low energy technology (BLE). Also, we help our customers in their respective domains by offering the best technological services containing navigation & maps, location-based systems, giving information on indoor positioning systems, location, discount notifications, and sensors.

Overview of iBeacon/BLE Device

Beacon is known as a part of Bluetooth hardware that can have varied sizes based on battery capacity and range, but it varied only a little bit. In simple words, the BLE device transmits low energy signals along with the Bluetooth 5.0 protocol. Also, it has an effective range of sending signals around 50 meters. Now there is an app like iBeacon Android for smartphones that includes BLE and iBeacon app solutions. Mobile apps based on iBeacon can receive the triggers actions and low energy signals accordingly.

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How Does iBeacon App Work?

Beacon is known as a part of Bluetooth hardware that can have varied sizes based on battery capacity and range, but it varied only a little bit. In simple words, the BLE device transmits low energy signals along with the Bluetooth 5.0 protocol. 

1. First, the user installs an ibeacon app on their smartphone or device.

2. The ibeacon app scans for nearby ibeacon signals using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.

3. When the app detects an ibeacon signal, it connects to the ibeacon and retrieves information stored within the ibeacon’s payload.

4.  The app processes this information and displays it to the user in a relevant way. For example, if the ibeacon is located in a retail store, the app may display promotions or discounts for the user.

5. The user can interact with the ibeacon through the app, such as redeeming a coupon or accessing additional information.

6. The ibeacon continues to transmit its signal and the app continues to scan for ibeacon signals, allowing the user to receive updated information and interact with multiple ibeacons.

Features of iBeacon App Development

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology

Ibeacon app development utilizes BLE technology, which allows for low-energy consumption and long battery life.


Ibeacon apps can use geofencing to trigger events or notifications when a user enters or exits a specific location.

Proximity detection

Ibeacon apps can detect when a user is within a certain range of an Ibeacon device, allowing for personalized and location-specific experiences.

Customizable notifications

Ibeacon apps can send customizable notifications to users based on their location or actions.

Integration with other apps

Ibeacon apps can be integrated with other apps, such as loyalty programs or payment systems, to provide a seamless user experience.

Ongoing maintenance and updates

Ibeacon app development requires ongoing maintenance and updates to ensure the app is running smoothly and providing the desired user experience.

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Yes, iBeacon technology can be used in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, education, transportation, and hospitality.

Maintaining and updating an iBeacon App typically involves regularly updating the app to fix bugs, improve performance, and add new features.

Integrating iBeacon technology into an existing App typically involves adding BLE capabilities to the App and configuring it to interact with iBeacons.

The technical requirements for an iBeacon App include BLE-enabled devices, such as smartphones and tablets, and a device running iOS 7 or later, or Android 4.3 or later.

 The time it takes to develop an iBeacon App can vary depending on the complexity of the app and the availability of resources. On an average, it could take around 3 to 6 months.

 An iBeacon App development company can help businesses develop and implement iBeacon technology to enhance customer experience, improve efficiency, and increase revenue.

 iBeacons are often used for location-based marketing and advertising, in-store navigation and promotions, and tracking the movement of people and assets.

 An iBeacon transmits a signal that can be picked up by nearby devices with BLE capabilities, such as smartphones and tablets. This allows for location-based interactions and notifications.

 An iBeacon is a small, low-cost piece of hardware that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to transmit a signal to nearby devices.

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