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Do you want to make it easy for your customers to order food online? The food delivery app development company BR Softech offers a full-scale online food delivery app development service covering all types of business models.

Online Food Delivery App Development Company

With the rapid growth of the taxi business, it develops an interest in an individual that becomes extremely significant and beneficial for many reasons.
With the rapid growth of the taxi business, it develops an interest in an individual that becomes extremely significant and beneficial for many reasons.
With the rapid growth of the taxi business, it develops an interest in an individual that becomes extremely significant and beneficial for many reasons.

Key Features of Our On-Demand Food Delivery App

Book now
Passengers can take the taxi service to travel from one destination to another in a matter of seconds and they can find nearby taxi drivers similar to Uber and OLA.

Book Later
Customers can book a ride for a later schedule to travel from one place to another for any purpose, and the taxi driver will arrive at the location at a specific time.

Upcoming Trips
The taxi app solution is enabled to send alerts in the form of a notification to the user to remind them of their scheduled trips.

On the taxi booking app, the passenger only has to enter the destination on the map, and it’s the driver’s responsibility to take him to the location. Without any hassle.

Book For Third Party
A person can book the ride for others as well as for their friend or relative. With this, he can put the reference, and the driver can directly contact the particular person.

Multiple Payment Gateways
Multiple payment gateways to make it comfortable for the passenger to make payment.

Accept Ride
Our on-demand taxi app solution gives an opportunity to the driver to choose the ride whether they want to take or pass it to other drivers. As per their situation they can make the decision.

Pickup Location
Drivers don’t have to face obstacles to find the location as we have integrated the map functionality in our application; they can reach the destination of the passenger easily.

Start Trip
The driver can start the trip only by clicking on the start button which shows in the pane

End Trip
Whenever the driver receives the drop-off location of the passenger, the driver can end the trip by clicking on the end button and the total estimation of the fare will appear on the screen.

Drop Off Location
A driver can know the drop location of the passenger without even asking him, and he can drop the passenger at the location by following the directions on the map.

Interactive Dashboard
All the information is on a single dashboard, and the admin manages how to fulfill all the requirements.

User Management
Admin manages all the activities of the user. It manages all the actions of the user and fulfills all the user requirements.

Vehicle Management
It manages the vehicle requirement as per the availability and need of the user as well as sets the priorities of the vehicles.

The admin panel has all the information of registered customers and drivers including name, address, and all the essential details.

Set Amount
Admin can decide the amount for the passenger and how much a ride should be cost to avoid conflicts between driver and user.

Food Delivery App Development Services

Build a top-notch, responsive, and engaging food delivery app with our on-demand food delivery app development services.

Project Industry: Transportation
Country: South African Country
Android App Tech: Native Development (JAVA)
iOS App Tech: Objective C
Backend: PHP with MySQL Database
No: Of Professionals: 7
Delivery Time: 120 Days

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Why Choose BR Softech as Your Food Delivery App Development Company?

With the explosion of technological advancement, the food industry has broadened the horizon of new opportunities for many entrepreneurs. The new trend of ordering food online has given the opportunity to many people who would like to explore this industry. If you are looking for food ordering app development following the modern approach, then BR Softech is the one-stop destination.

Firstly, our team member and client discussed the whole requirement of the project.
After discussed, our team design or draw estimate project needs.
Discussion of the time duration and cost of the project.
After all discussion, our experienced and dedicated team starts working on the project and clients get their project process updated.


 Yes, we provide ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure the smooth operation and continued performance of your food ordering system.

Yes, we provide detailed reporting and analytics to help your restaurant track sales, customer behavior, and more.

All customer data is securely stored and protected in compliance with industry standards for data security.

Our system is integrated with major payment processors, allowing for secure and efficient payment processing.


Yes, our system is set up to handle numerous locations' worth of online ordering.

We develop a variety of food ordering systems, including online ordering platforms, mobile apps, and in-store kiosks.

Our system can integrate with most major POS systems, allowing for seamless communication between the ordering platform and the restaurant's existing technology.

A food ordering system is a platform that allows customers to place orders for food delivery or pickup from restaurants and other food establishments.

The system allows customers to browse menus, select items, and place orders through a website or mobile app. The order is then sent to the restaurant for preparation and delivery or pickup. Payment can also be processed through the system.

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